The massive black fern jungles of Tlapan have hybridized with many life forms drawn from the Amazon region of Old Terra, providing food supplies ample for the population at the cost of constant vigilance and biotechnic adjustment. Above, however, is Tlapan’s chief claim to fame- the Mixcoac Shipyards. A vast congery of foundry satellites and orbital assembly arrays build the ships that the Flower Union needs to fight back against the Burning Mirror Compact. So great is the yards’ demand for resources, that the elements necessary for ship fabrication are continuously elevated into orbit around the planet, forming glittering rings that encircle Tlapan.

The planet's population of roughly 800,000 is scattered throughout many small settlement, most founded near mining sites and space ladders, so as to easily send into orbit the metals and minerals needed to keep the shipyards producing. Because the only known drill route to Tlapan begins near Tecalco, Tlapan has a buffer against most assaults that the Burning Mirror Compact might wish to launch. As such, most of Tlapan’s population is happy to see the war continue. With the need for mining and all resources going towards ship production (rather than planet side automation), human miners and bio-farmers command high credit salaries.

Tlapan’s dense jungles are also home to the Tech Teotl, a cult that has established a base of worship near what it believes to be a pre-tech AI.


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