Planetary Express Light Cargo Vessel V-14


This is a standard cargo vessel, mass produced by Maxon Interstellar, model V. Being the fourteenth in the Planetary Express delivery fleet, this one is designated V-14. The ship can be crewed by a single person, with an advanced (but limited) suite of expert systems capable of keeping the ship on course while the pilot sleeps. On well established drill routes, this method of flying is within generally accepted navigational protocols, so long as a sentient pilot takes control upon entering a star system.

Maxon Interstellar model V is made for relatively short drills and is stripped down to maximize speed and cargo capacity on an inexpensive frame. In addition to a cargo bay, it offers a small lounge with minimal food storage and a few holo-vids to watch on long voyages. In atmosphere, it uses gravtech to keep from crashing and is decidedly more awkward to handle than while cruising in vacuum. Engaging auto-pilot in atmosphere will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Lela pilots, and unbeknownst to Planetary Express, generally lives out of, this particular craft.

Planetary Express Light Cargo Vessel V-14

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