Stars Without Number

Session 4

Gateway to Adventure

The party pulls out of meta-space, near Gateway, and is greeted by three security ships. Leela consents to being escorted to a nearby orbital platform, and soon the Planetary Express ship is docked amid several squads of guards wearing androgynous gray armor, helmets and visors. Rios successfully hides in the floorboards, after Camilla helpfully decides not to try stuffing her exosuit into Rios’s hiding spot. After an eye scan fails to work on Hannah Rousseau, gray clad guards escort her off.

Jensen Olmec shows up and finds Rios, with Kruger’s help. Jensen gets all three PCs released into her custody and walks them to her shuttle, which is waiting nearby. On the trip to the shuttle and then on the shuttle to Gateway, there is quite a bit of chit chat. Jensen introduces herself as a professor at the Perfect Mirror Academy. She says that she’s got friends in the senate, who are on the Subcommittee for Extra-Terrestrial I-something (SETI), who want to reestablish connections with the worlds beyond. She further explains that she’s had (at this point rather vague) precognitions of PCs being crucially important to figuring out how to reconnect the universe and maybe even sort out why the Scream occurred (and thereby keep it from happening again). Rios and Kruger spill their stories, but Camilla remains evasive. Between access to incident reports and Camilla’s spectacularly poor lying, Jensen guesses that she’s Burning Mirror, which rather upsets both Camilla and Rios.

Leela and Rousseau are both in custody, somewhere away from PCs. Jensen has promised to look after them both, suggesting that Rios should make a statement to the authorities about posing as Leela’s client. Rios agreed.

PCs walked away with much of their gear, thanks in large part to the intervention of Jensen Olmec and/or her friends in the senate. Left aboard the Planetary Express ship, at least for now:

both mech suits and the light mech
the shear rifles
Camilla’s exosuit



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