Stars Without Number

Session 2

Making Enemies

Rios hacks into Gargarin’s com network, determines that the ship plummeting towards Sepulchre is one that the station’s crew has been looking for, and redirects the station’s ships, to buy herself some time to check out the crash. Her stolen dataslab indicates that someone got a space marine assigned to wreck this ship, apparently the same someone who ordered the Planetary Express pickup from Tlapan. Lela, now a wavering ball of excited nervousness, lands near the crash site and eventually agrees to enter the ship with Rios. Rios determines that the ship is pretech and manages to hack into its systems.

Meanwhile, Camilla and Kruger board the ice train, along with a horde of armed and excited Smokers. Camilla salutes their apparent leader, who takes brief note of her. Camilla’s and Kruger’s escorts wait for the marine to have her shotgun disassembled and the “doctor” to be engrossed in having found a signal from a pretech vessel. The two young men then turn on them and attempt robbery at gunpoint. Camilla swiftly disarms one and executes both, while Kruger stuffs himself into a hollow for the train’s door. Both escape any harm, partly thanks to Camilla’s quick brutality and partially because one of their assailants had his hand blown off by a backfire of his antiquated and poorly kept revolver. Kruger tried to message Rios (not yet knowing her, but seeing that she was logged onto the pretech ship’s network). Given that his device is named “KrugerXL69” and other reasons, Rios ignored him.

Rios and Lela located a massive stasis pod bay within the derelict ship. They learned that:

- The ship is named the TMS Pioneer and was apparently outfitted to create a new settlement somewhere.

- 5399 stasis pods were sealed just under 500 years ago (so, just after the Scream)

- 1 pod, set aside for use, was never filled

- 1 pod still showed the vital signs of a living person.

Rios decided to open the pod with the living person. Lela revealed that she was a psychic and tried to get a read on the person in the pod but couldn’t. Since it was going to take 30 minutes to bring the stasis sleeper back to normal, Rios set off to check out the nearby cargo bay. Lela followed.

The ice train stopped and its occupants flooded out, chanting bloody murder.



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