Hannah Rousseau

TMS Pioneer Crew Member


Before the Scream, Hannah Rousseau looked her 120 years. But with post-Scream life expectancy considerably lowered, people might now guess her age at around 90.


A botanist aboard the TMS Pioneer, she went into stasis with all aboard that ship, except for her daughter, Valerie. After being awakened by Rios, Rousseau mused that she should not have been the last to be kept alive on that ship and lamented that her daughter must surely have died long ago. She guessed that her daughter, the ship’s captain, had reprogrammed the onboard monitoring systems to keep Rousseau alive at the expense of others. This suspicion is neither welcome nor baseless. Despite Rousseau’s expertise in a useful field, her age would have kept her off of the crew, had her daughter not made room.

Hannah Rousseau

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