Giga Chan

Escaped Slave and Human Experiment


Chan is no taller than 1.5 meters, but his nearly 200 kilogram weight is almost all muscle. That, plus about 10 kilos of steel, shaped like an axe blade, which form his mohawk. These irregularities aside, Chan appears to be a blend of Chinese and Western European descent, which is what most people would just call “North Terran”.


Born into slavery on Chot Zadak, Chan underwent radical alterations, at the hands (claws) of his Zadak masters. He fared better than most, and is generally quite upbeat about his mods. He calls himself Giga Chan, because he alleges that his modifications cost “the bugs” one billion credits. He never seems to sleep, he speaks rapidly and nearly constantly, and he will happily rattle off his major mods, given the slightest invitation:

1) “This slick ‘hawk that plugs me into the meta-waves! No touchies; bitch’ll cut ya!”
2) “My fuckin’ muscles, dammit!”
3) “In-ter-ah-vee-nus GO JUICE!!! I just step on my heels -” [stomps] “-and I get a fresh supply of hydration, protein, and the Michael*”
4) “This earwing. Don’t know what the fuck that does.” [via electrical impulses and low frequency brain wave alterations, it makes Chan an extraordinary pilot]
5) “And something for the ladies” [grabs crotch]

Chan recently escaped Chot Zadak, and then Polychrome, along with a man alleging himself to be a medical doctor.

*Michael is common slang, throughout Hydra Sector, for a synthetic cocaine substitute. Although few people know where the term originated, the word has remained popular since before the Scream, even as the drug itself has fallen and risen in favor.

Giga Chan

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