de León

de facto leader of the Tech Teotl


Tall, thin, quiet, and deliberate in his movements, de León takes some pains to cultivate an aura of wisdom around himself. Those who preserve their skepticism will notice that his axioms are more gibberish than sage observation, and the HUD mask he wears is just a few pieces of highly polished one way mirror.


De León is vague and cryptic about his background, but he has spent enough time in the wilds of Tlapan to have grown adept at tending its delicately balanced plant life. He grows and harvests more than enough fruits, vegetables, and roots to feed the dozen or so member of the Tech Teotl. De León and his companions welcome newcomers with open arms, and rarely interfere if somebody wishes to leave. The Tech Teotl live near enough a mining town that each former cultist who comes to his or her senses is soon enough replaced by a fresh faced and confused recruit.

The Tech Teotl generally do little more than chant, sing, dance, and discuss the wonders of the coming “Unveiling”. For the most part, they don’t seem bothered that only de León gets to communicate with the AI god, said to beam binary directly into de León’s brain stem. As kooky as the set up might sound to most, de León does occasionally dispense genuinely useful bits of knowledge – not least his thorough understanding of survival and the local ecosystem – that have sufficed to string along some of his followers for decades.

The newest member of the Tech Teotl had been well received, before hacking de León’s dataslab and running off with it.

de León

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