Hydra Sector's Only AI


The Mixcoac Shipyards orbit some 400 kilometers above the surface of Tlapan. Daedalus is the station AI, running almost all facets of the largely mechanized yards.


Daedalus is a pre-tech AI, still in working condition, largely because it has attracted a steady stream of technicians willing to follow its orders, even when the techs fail to understand the logic behind the orders. Daedalus runs a small army of lesser programs, which in turn manufacture spaceships for the Flower Union. The speed and efficiency of production is well beyond what a human work crew could manage, even if they worked around the interstellar (36 Old Terran Hour) clock – which, of course, Daedalus does.

If not for the Burning Mirror Compact’s sheer fervency and their space marines, Daedalus likely would have tipped the balance of the war in the Union’s favor some years ago. With shipyard production now increasing at an astonishing rate, many people believe that, unless the Compact makes immense strides soon, they will inevitably lose their fight. This sense of a victory already won has allowed some Union senators to begin wondering whether Daedalus has been given too long a leash. Nobody is yet speaking of taking the system offline, but many are starting to ask for a closer look at its programming.


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