Camilla Barick

Quick with a gun, slow with the wit


(Transcribing the sheet here)

Level 1 Warrior
Homeworld: Tecalco
Species: Human


Att Val Mod
STR 16 +1
DEX 16 +1
CON 14 +1
INT 11 0
WIS 7 -1
CHA 14 +1

Max HP: 8
Max System Strain: 0
Base AC: 4

Languages: English, Nahuatl, Burning Compact-ese
Background: Soldier
Training: Space Marine

Credits: 20
Debt: 0

Current Goals:
Short: Get my exo suit
Mid: Pilot a starship (PC level x 1000 XP)
Long: Own a starship (PC level x 2000 XP)


To be filled in later.

Camilla Barick

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