Stars Without Number

Session 3

Making Frenemies

Kruger and Rios nab some loot from the wrecked Pioneer, including pretech weapons, armor, and mechs. Camilla promises to keep Lela’s ship safe, in exchange for passage off of Sepulchre. Once Camilla vouches for Kruger as a doctor, Lela agrees to take both of them, plus Rios and the coma patient that Rios pulled out of stasis, off the planet. This is good timing, as the Pioneer explodes shortly after. Kruger, and probably only Kruger, would know that this is most likely due to his decision to hack the ship’s sub-core and drain off its buffer in order to power up a console that allowed him access to Pioneer’s small armory. The resulting explosion almost certainly killed thousands of Smokers and wrecked their ice train.

Once aboard the ship, Rios and Kruger bicker incessantly over use of Rios’s new pretech toolkit and how to repair a pair of panoply field emitters. Also over whether to eat Camilla, as the Planetary Express ship was only stocked for one passenger. Camilla seems devoted to serving Lela, who is a bit off kilter following a highly unusual day.

The comatose woman, Hannah Rousseau, awakens – after a nearly 535 year slumber – and is also feeling a bit out of sorts.



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