Named for their clan leader, the Smokers are currently the most powerful group on Sepulchre. Like all of the planet’s inhabitants, the Smokers are a mixed lot, some the descendants of former prisoners, some adventurous or murderous types who made their way to Sepulchre for freedom from planetary laws, and some the offspring of such travelers. Numbering nearly 20,000, this single clan accounts for almost 10% of the entire planet’s population. Their sheer size allows the Smokers to acquire the best real estate and goods on Sepulchre, although the planet’s best is still poverty level subsistence by sector standards.

Largely Tech 2, with a few odds and ends that are higher level, the Smokers barely scrape together sufficient resources to maintain their population. For all of the clan’s relative power, they are perpetually on the verge of collapse. Their grow pods, weapons, and housing is mostly falling apart and barely kept semi-working by ad hoc fixes. Their people are restless and perpetually agitated, and every other clan on the planet anxiously awaits a chance to tear down any semblance of authority and order that the Smokers establish.

Cultural tid-bits:

- clothing and equipment is almost all scavenged, and looks it; only the highest ranking clan members wear anything matching or in good repair

- all types of tobacco are highly prized, including cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and snuff. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are even more sought after, as they cannot be manufactured on site and must be scavenged or stolen from new arrivals

- clan leader, Smoke, commonly tells his subordinates to “shut [their] smokers and listen.” Some of his followers imitate him, but most prefer the snarkier, “shut your cock smokers.” Most do not, however, use that version of the command in Smoke’s vicinity.


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