Burning Mirror Compact


The Burning Mirror Compact was born 500 years ago in the ashes of the Scream. A band of renegade Teotl priests became convinced that only strength could save the Far Aztlan Polity from the chaos that had befallen them. The populace had to be taught fear and reverence for their leaders, and the neighboring stars brought to heel for the good of all. Where the Old Way forbade human sacrifice as blasphemous misunderstanding of the divine will, the True Way preached it as a sign of strength and faith. To this end, they split from the Flower Union and began a civil war that has raged for half a millennium.

The Burning Mirror Compact rules Xaltepec, Xoxhitla, and Tlayacac, absolutely, but they have been unable to hold any worlds beyond for more than a few, hectic years at a time. Tecalco has long been their primary objective, though Chifeng has occasionally incurred their wrath, as well. More recently, the leaders of the Burning Mirror Compact have begun to focus on Tlapan, and its shipyards. Thus far, they have been unable to project any major offensives there, and concern has been rising. If the Burning Mirror cannot either destroy the Mixcoac shipyards or find some suitable counterbalance, their days are surely numbered.

Teotl priests hold nearly complete authority within the Burning Mirror Compact, balanced only by the space marines’ marshal. Although the space marines are a small organization, and the marshal is but one person, their elite units are of such value to the Teotl, and so revered by the populous, that the marshal can, on occasion, overrule a distasteful Teotl policy.

Burning Mirror Compact

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