Stars Without Number

Session 1
Making Friends

Rios follows Lela to Xila and leaves Tlapan aboard the Planetary Express ship she pilots. Rios spends the week’s trip to a Gateway refueling station hacking into the “Icarus” stack on de Leon’s slab (and eating popsicles). At the refueling station, Lela locks Rios in the ship, ostensibly for her own safety, but clearly because she doesn’t want Rios to leave. Although Lela treats Rios rather poorly, the two begin the bonding process by discussing Lela’s job (Rios advises quitting, though Lela’s reluctant), and Lela’s sort of boyfriend, Matt, who already has a kid (Rios advises kicking him in the balls, at least if he fools around with other girls). By the time that the two reach Sepulchre, Rios has hacked into Icarus and perused its binary code. She has found a list of 479 separate attempts at something, only the last of which is still active (its probability of success increasing, as Rios watches, currently around 30.1825%). Although details are hazy, Icarus tracks something to do with computer programs that has been an ongoing attempt for a bit over fifteen years. Rios currently has a program searching the data for further patterns or clues.

Camilla met three Smokers, initially trusted them more than was reasonable, then ran off only after one shot at her. She returned, with a tactical advantage, and killed all three (shotgunned dead) before they could harm her. Kruger used his understanding of the somewhat obscure emergency foam system on the ship Giga Chan had piloted to escape a tight spot. He and Camilla decided to team up, at least for the time being. Each was mostly honest about the reason for teaming up (Camilla wants someone to repair her exosuit, and Kruger wants credits and a meat shield). Each also held back a bit about other matters (Kruger dancing around the fact that he has no specific idea of how to get off of Sepulchre, Camilla not explaining how she got there in the first place). Chan isn’t feeling great. Camilla dragged him out of the cold, leaving him passed out just inside the nearest spire of the Smoke Stacks.

All PCs saw a ship, flickering in and out of the visible spectrum, falling towards the surface of the planet. Camilla could only reasonably think that it was the ship she had recently failed to pilot. She and Kruger made their way into the bowels of the Smoke Stacks, finding themselves in a crowded, smokey market of sorts, near a grav train. Rios and Lela avoided the falling spaceship, which seemed to be on course to crash in the spot they were headed towards. Lela reported the ship – which her own ship’s sensors had detected only at the last moment – to Gargarin, a refueling station above Sepulchre. Gargarin’s crew replied that they were aware of the ship, advised Lela to stay away from it, and terminated the transmission.

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