Turanga Lela

young psychic and ambivalent pilot


Lela is the only child of a wealthy Gateway couple, who never married. Although bearing children out of wedlock is hardly unknown on Gateway, it is certainly uncommon (and cause for ridicule) in the upper echelons of the economic hierarchy. Early on, Lela developed a chip on her shoulder and a tongue that was more acidic than witty. A psychic of some telekinetic and telepathic ability, Lela attended the Perfect Mirror Academy from age five to age fourteen, when she convinced a stranger to book her passage on a cruiser headed for Tecalco.

Since then, Lela has dabbled in various lines of work, not all of them above board. Now nineteen, she has learned enough to appreciate the comfort of a steady paycheck. However, she remains too stubborn to admit that she erred in thinking that she could simply dash about with nothing more than her whims and her psychic talents and still amount to something great.

Currently, Lela pilots a small cargo ship for Planetary Express, a medium sized shipping corporation that operates on all drill routes known within Hydra Sector. Her voyages tend to be mundane, and she purposely avoids routes to Gateway, using her telepathy to help her find other deliveries. She has a knack for piloting but no deep interest in it, keeping the job mostly because she can sleep aboard the cargo ships she flies. Lela would secretly love to resume psychic tutelage, under the wing of some mighty MES-er. Her proud stubbornness keeps her from actively seeking out such a mentor.


Turanga Lela

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