Sepulchre's Dominant Clan Leader


Smoke is a tall, skinny man, made to look larger by his power armor. He is perpetually veiled in a smoggy haze, partially from his constant tobacco burning – cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, he does not discriminate – and partially from the rare earth engines attached to his armor.


Smoke could be considered something of a success story, insofar as anything about Sepulchre can be uplifting. After a stint in Gateway’s navy and working odd jobs on several planets in Aztlan space, Allan Novak and a small group of lackeys hijacked a Planetary Express delivery ship and landed it on Sepulchre. Dreaming of dominion over his own fiefdom, Allan – now known widely as Smoke – has brought a large portion of the planet’s people under his control. The Smokers are now the most powerful clan on Sepulchre.

Tough, disaffected, and quick to anger, Smoke rules his people as a charismatic but harsh autocrat, which leaves him without any close companions. His material possessions amount to less than he had as an ordinary citizen of Hydra Sector, and what he has got is falling apart. His ornate power armor, stolen from the leader of the now defunct Star Horde, is a prime example. Its batteries have long gone dead, and Sepulchre is unable to produce more. Rare earth engines, the bulky and inefficient equivalents of Old Terra’s 19th century steam engines, are the only things allowing Smoke to even move the armor’s bulk.


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