Jensen Olmec

Straight Edge Psychic


Thin, fair skinned, and white haired, Jensen is plain by modern standards, except when her hands are glowing blue.


Jensen is a native of Tecalco, but her parents fled only days after Jensen was born with a blue glow. Her mother, Xoco, swears that infant Jensen used telepathy to tell her that everything was okay, but that they needed to leave immediately. Fearing that either the Union or the Compact would draft her daughter – who Xoco named Jensen after a psychic character on a popular vid from the 20s – Xoco and her husband, Ixchell, fled to Gateway. Upon arrival, Xoco promptly brought Jensen to the Perfect Mirror Academy, based on nothing more than a good feeling. That was sixty-four years ago.

Jensen, who looks far younger than her age, white hair notwithstanding, has been a pupil, a teaching assistant, and a professor at the Perfect Mirror Academy. She dabbles in many psychic disciplines, but he true talent is precognition. A modest and unobjectionable person by nature, Jensen maintains a low profile for someone with such a powerful gift. She always keeps her lessons within the approved curriculum, and she rarely leaves the Academy grounds, except to visit her parents’ life plaques once a week.

Jensen Olmec

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