Commander Tenoch

Burning Mirror Space Marine


Serious, organized, loyal, and severe, Tenoch is the veritable archetype of a Burning Mirror space marine.


Born on Octlan, in Union space, Atl Tenoch left at fifteen to join the followers of the True Way. Fanatical in his devotion to the Burning Mirror, and always seeking a chance to prove his allegiance, Tenoch fought viciously and obeyed without question. Although this ill suited him for high command, he has proven quite valuable as a small unit commander, where his zeal and devotion have served to inspire both confidence and fear in his subordinates. He especially enjoys taking part in ritual sacrifices of captured enemies, and he has fashioned his own religious headdress for such occasions.

Commander Tenoch has recently had one of his marines go missing while on assignment, which will surely blemish his record.

Commander Tenoch

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